Change starts here: Columbus Women In Digital

I promised a recap of the inaugural Columbus Women in Digital conference last week, so here it is! The conference was brought to life and organized by the fabulous Alaina Shearer of Cement Marketing. I first heard about it via social media (go figure) and was intrigued by the lineup of topics and people I knew who were planning to attend. I decided it was a must-attend event, and I’m really glad I did. 

The full-day conference took place at the beautiful Wells Barn at Franklin Park Conservatory. [Side note: This is a lovely setting for an event! If you are looking for something unique, with an outdoorsy yet intimate feel convenient to downtown Columbus, this is your place.] 

OK, back to the conference. With about 250 women and a few hand-selected men in attendance, the day was jam packed with inspiration, conversation and goal setting for the future of the group. A women-only lineup of speakers spanning different industries and experiences shared their knowledge on leadership, client relations, social media strategy and much more!

One agenda item of the day was to vote if men should be allowed to participate in the group. Yes, as Shearer put it, this is probably one of the only events of its kind that a white male was not allowed to attend. However, seven “Digital Dudes” were voted to attend the conference, representing the three percent of C-level positions held by women in digital advertising fields. Those men were recognized and helped cast the vote, along with all attendees, for the future of the group. 

Shearer has big plans for growing this group to a national scale, and what an honor to be a part of the very beginning stages. A couple ways you can join me in getting involved to inspire, educate and empower women in digital are to take the Columbus Women in Digital pledge and take the confidential salary survey.

Here are a few of my favorite inspirations and quotes from the day! 

Being in digital is like building a rocket ship while flying.
— As heard at Columbus WID 2016 Conference
Embrace every opportunity to tell your story.
— Andrea Marshall, The Nationwide Academy
Trust is like an eraser, it gets smaller after each mistake.
— Nicole Scharlach, The Wendy's Company
Figuring out what you don’t want to do can make the vision of what you want to do much clearer.
— Emily Smith, Emily Smith Professional Coaching

Bottom line, keep an eye on this group. With a bunch of powerful women working together, you’ll be amazed at what will be accomplished!  

Shannon P.R.