Refresh and renew, it IS good for you!

See that spot in the middle down there? I was sitting there last week. The beauty of technology is that we have the option to be mobile and work from an office with a view, at least sometimes. (Hello, sunshine, I miss you already!)


I share this post to make a point that getting out of your regular environment is good for the marketing soul. A new perspective comes from travel, meeting new people and seeing new sights. It helps liven up the creative juices.

If you can't make a full weekend trip or even a day trip out of it, try going to a different place or area of townsomewhere you've never beeneven if it's just for an hour. Talk to people you normally wouldn't. Get out of your comfort zone and you'll be surprised what you might find there. New ideas and a new sense of belonging, I hope.

Where do you go to refresh and renew?

- Shannon P.R.