Old-Fashioned Mobile Marketing

I recently spent a few days in Florida visiting family and enjoyed a couple of sunny hours on Fort Myers Beach. When this marketing example literally rolled by, I could not grab my phone fast enough. Ice cream anyone? Old-fashioned mobile marketing for the win!

In marketing it's all about finding the right audience and delivering your message at the right time. I give major props to this lady for her genius marketing mobile (and her dual-purpose workout)! It's the perfect example of how basic marketing tactics can garner an interested audience and impressive sales. Every beachgoer looked up from what they were doing to observe this awkward, yet interesting makeshift beach mobile with its loud bells. This example is a reminder that we don't always have to be technology focused: sometimes basic works better. 

Think about it, how can you combine materials you already have to elevate your product offering, gain attention and create an even better experience for your customers? You may not be combining a bike, bells, and a palm tree umbrella for an ice cream cart on the beach, but I'm sure you can reinvent some of your offerings to make a significant improvement. 

Shannon P.R.