Columbus just got funnier!

Our March Year of Giving spotlight goes out to CBus Improv Theatre, an improvisational theatre making its way to Columbus this fall. The theatre will host shows 4-5 nights weekly, including sketch shows and stand-up events, and it will also be home to a training center offering a variety of improv classes.

This cause is somewhat personal because I spent quite a bit of time on stage during my childhood and improvisation was one of my favorite skills to practice. In fact, I would argue it’s a skill that's helped me relate to people my entire life. Improv is a great way to get creativity flowing in your mind and truly connect with others; every artist must improvise at some point!

The story of CBus Improv Theatre’s founders Rance Rizzutto and Tara DeFrancisco (a Cbus native) is truly magical, and I couldn't be more proud to support their vision to bring this important form of creativity, laughter and community building to the heart of Columbus. I challenge you to support the theatre too, because it still needs help to reach its funding goal.

Remember, supporting new business ventures in Columbus makes our city better and we're still looking for worthy causes to support this year. If you have any causes that are dear to you or would like to join Remember Marketing in a year of giving, please leave a comment below or send an email to

Let's make positive changes together.

-Shannon P.R.

GoFundMe Campaign for CBus Improv