Couponing for Good

This month Remember Marketing helped our client Credit Union of Ohio execute a rewarding project, a Couponing for Good Challenge.  The project was a win-win for our client, the challenge participants and the Mid-Ohio Foodbank. 

Credit Union of Ohio held a couponing workshop to teach couponing skills and then gave attendees the option to participate in a 30-day couponing challenge. Each of the 16 challenge participants received a $25 gift card to practice their newly learned couponing skills, with the caveat that anything purchased with the gift card would be donated to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

All the challenge participants gathered this weekend to drop off items and it was truly awesome to hear about the amount of fun and learning had by all throughout the challenge. Hundreds of most-needed food and household items were purchased to donate!

I personally attended the workshop and decided to participate in the challenge on Remember Marketing's tab. All those little coupon packets I receive weekly in the mail that I typically throw away, well, I clipped out the coupons. My experience going to the store with the very intent to save on specific items and stay within a budget was both eye-opening and fun. I truly could not believe what a little time and effort could help me buy and save. I purchased everything below for just $36 and saved $16.50 with all those coupons I typically trash! What?!? Yes, I did go a little over budget but almost all items purchased were on the most-needed list provided by the foodbank, so I felt the need to splurge a bit.

This is going down as our April YOG project. I highly recommend trying it with your family, friends or co-workers because you will be amazed by what you can save with a little planning. Also, now is a great time of year to help fill the shelves at your local food pantry.

P.S. If you're interested in learning more about couponing you can sign up to be notified of Credit Union of Ohio's next coupon workshop and challenge opportunity.

Remember, Couponing for Good is a Good Thing!

Shannon P.R.