8 ways to make your customers feel like they belong

Every business should have a plan to interact with customers on an ongoing basis, which goes beyond simple communications. How do you hold yourself accountable for the customer relationships you create and hopefully nourish through the years? 

Here are Remember Marketing's principles for staying on track to make your customers feel important. (You'll notice they spell out a familiar word.) 

Register every customer or potential customer in a way unique to your business.
Email, call, text or visit within one week of first engagement.
Make customer service a number one priority.
Engage on a regular basis.
Make a vow to respond in 24 business hours.
Be available to communicate in whichever way your customer wants. (You need to find out.)
Evoke a positive memory.
Remember, we all want to belong.

We'll share more details on each of these points in later posts. Stay tuned!

Shannon P. R.