How to verify your social media presence, increase SEO

If you manage a social media presence for your business or personal brand, make sure your profiles are verified. Verifying your profile/page can potentially give it a better ranking in search results, therefore attracting more visitors. A verified page also helps ensure your visitors that they have located the accurate social media profile for your business.

Here are the simple steps to verify your Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Facebook page verification
Click settings at the top of the page you manage and navigate to page verification, which should be the third option. The quickest way to verify your Facebook page is to use your business phone number. Once you enter your phone number, Facebook will call you with a verification code. Your page will be verified after successfully entering the code.

Here are step-by-step Facebook page verification instructions. 

Twitter page verification
Twitter verification, which was once reserved for high-profile accounts, is now open to most Twitter business accounts. As of July 2016, you can request to be considered for verification. There are a few items you must have before requesting verification, including a bio, profile photo, header photo, website, verified phone number and email address.

Here are detailed instructions for Twitter verification

Best of luck getting your Facebook and Twitter business pages verified. It's an important step in making it easier for your current and potential customers to find you!