Right idea, wrong execution

Maybe we’re all just a few tweaks away from creating something brilliant...I recently came across an article about Breakthrough Brands. You know, the brands that are growing by leaps and bounds because they understand their market, their customers and most importantly how to break through all the noise in today's advertising world and achieve success. 

Here’s an excerpt from the article that really spoke to me: 

"For every new campaign, emerging brands develop smarter strategies by testing a number of variations of copy, image, and ad type to hone in on what works best. Concept A or B? Stacked vertically or horizontally? These are real-time tests being decided in days rather than weeks. Brands like this understand that sometimes the idea is right but the execution is wrong, and so they test and iterate until they get it right." - Judy Lee, Facebook

What a great reminder for us all to keep on pushing–don’t give up on your ideas! If something isn't working, it may just need a little tweak. One major benefit of technology is that digital ads can literally be updated in a matter of minutes, making your perfect marketing campaign just a few tweaks away. 

Happy tweaking!

Shannon P.R.