Creating engagement with quizzes

As humans we are curious by nature. And for most of us when a pressing question presents itself, we need to find out now! Creating a mystery, however small, within your marketing is a great tactic because people desperately want to solve a mystery. That’s why I recommend creating quizzes for use in your social media outlets, not only to engage followers but to reach a large audience size organically. 

If you want to rise above the standard posts and create engagement within your social media, just ask your followers how smart they are. It’s really that simple. There are different ways to do that, but today we’re talking about quizzes! 

Here’s a quiz we created for the Our Ohio Facebook page with fun facts about the Ohio State Fair. Not only did it create great engagement with hundreds of quiz takers, it helped our client gain new qualified leads who requested to be added to their email list. (Smart people!)

We have been using quizzes to create interactions and grow reach over the past eight months and the results have been pretty awesome. So what are some of the best quiz apps to use? We did a little research and here are three that made the top of our list.

Qzzr - We currently use Qzzr and like its functionality. Quizzes are free and easy to create in its basic model. You’ll need to upgrade to the pro account ($25/month) to take advantage of its offer and lead generation feature, which allows you to capture email addresses and more. Our favorite benefit of using Qzzr is that its customer service team is very responsive and helpful. 

Quiz Maker - Quiz Maker is used by trusted brands, including Amazon, YouTube and MensHealth. Its quiz-making tool is simple to use and pricing is affordable, starting at just $15/month. According to its website, it is “the most comprehensive quiz maker.” One unique feature Quiz Maker offers is the capability to live-quiz an audience via their smartphones. If you are a public speaker, this may be worth checking out!

Interact - Interact has an impressive set of brands using it, brands like Home Depot, Gap, Eventbrite, Harvard University and American Red Cross. Its products include easy-to-build quizzes, giveaways and assessments. Interact's major selling point is that it connects with a variety of e-marketing companies, so all leads are directly integrated with your e-marketing software, saving time. However, the cost of their service is not listed on the website, so you may want to brace yourself for sticker shock. 

Until next time, happy quiz making and taking!

Shannon P.R.